Safety precautions at Seemore Adventures during Covid-19 Pandemic

We are an Gold Standard Certified Tour Operator

Wear Your Mask
Wearing a facemask or a nose and mouth covering (for example a doubled buff) is mandatory by law in Belize while in public spaces. If not complying with the laws and regulations mandated to reduce the spread of Covid-19 by the Government of Belize, you can be fined to 5,000 BZ$ (2,500 US$). We ask you to wear your facemask when meeting us for the tour and while travelling on the boat. You will be able to take your mask off before getting in your dive/snorkel gear and during surface interval on the island where we can properly social distance.  

We care about your health
Before entering the dive boat your divemaster will ask you some health questions and will check and log your temperature. We ask you to monitor your health and let us know if you are experiencing any of following symptoms:  
1. Fever
2. Dry cough
3. Headache
4. Conjunctivitis
5. Tiredness (prior to tour activities)
6. Loss of taste and smell
7. A rash on skin or discoloration of fingers or toes.
8. Aches and pains
9. Sore throat
10. Diarrhea
11. Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
12. Chest pain or pressure
We are monitoring and logging the same symptoms of our staff.

Gear and boat sanitation
We ask you to sanitize your hands before entering the boat and use the hand sanitizer provided as often as possible. We disinfect all dive gear between each tour. For safety reasons we will have you assemble your own dive gear for each dive. Our divemaster is there to help you through every step. If you wish to re-disinfect your mouth pieces just before each dive, just let your divemaster know. Our crew will be sanitizing high touch points on the boat various times during the tour. Please let us know if you have any allergies to commonly used disinfectants. If you have any questions on the cleaning and sanitizing or other Covid-19 safety protocols, feel free to email or call us for more information.

How to socialize and social distance at the same time
Our boat is licenced to 12 guest, but we have limited the number of divers to 6 if you are from different travel parties. We ask you to keep physical distance to travellers outside of your travel party and wear a mask when physical distancing is difficult. Our groups are small, so socializing with other guest and staff while physically distancing is possible. Your divemaster, guide and captain are all born Belizean and many of us are Garinagu from Hopkins Village. Feel free to ask us questions and learn about not just of the natural beauty of Belize and it’s underwater world, but also about our culture and daily life.

…and enjoy your dives! With us your will see more, learn more and experience more.

More information
Since travel and other restrictions and recommendations change often, we encourage you to keep up to date with current information from the following sources:
Belize Tourism Board:
Government of Belize:

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